Kettlebell Sport

Date Posted:1 July 2013 

In 1948, the first official kettlebell competition took place where more than 200,000 people attended. 
In 1962 kettlebell sport rules and weight classes were established.  Athletes competed in the Triathlon, which consisted of the press, jerk, and snatch.  There were no time limits.
In 1974 kettlebell sport was officially declared the ethnic sport of Russia.
In 1985 the Committee of Kettlebell Sport was established, along with official rules, regulations and weight categories.  That same year, the first National Kettlebell Sport Championship was held in Lipetsk, Russia.
In 1989, the ten minute time limit was established and the long cycle became an official event.

Today, kettlebell sport is a power/strength-endurance sport that requires athletes to work under a submaximal load, completing as many kettlebell lift repetitions as possible in a set time frame of ten minutes.

The sport is now contested worldwide.