Kettlebells and Storage

Kettlebells are the cannon ball-type exercising weights with super-thick handles. They have been weapon of selection for Russian weightlifters for over a hundred years. The bell-shaped weights can provide the fitness enthusiasts all the benefits of dumbbell workouts, as well as many others. The solid iron handles test your grasping capacity, and the position of the spherical weight in connection with the handle works your core.

Best of all,  kettlebells can be utilized for multiple purposes. They are the best tools for explosive workouts that help building major muscles and blasting fat off your body.  In addition, you can easily put them in a wall-length rack and get a great exercise whenever you want. Utilize them on regular basis and you will see the body you have greatly desired.

Exercising with the kettlebell is more difficult than if you were utilizing a conventional dumbbell. The hanging weight underneath the kettlebells handle makes it extremely difficult to manipulate. Every part of your body (hips, thighs, waist and abdominal muscles) has to exert maximum physical effort, resulting in significant calories burn.

Here at KETTLEBELLS AUSTRALIA, we offer best quality multiple weight Cast Iron Kettlebells built out of solid cast-iron and Steel Kettlebell.  Featuring structural strength and long lasting reliability, all Kettlebells are designed to take a pounding and enable you to spread out your array of core exercises. We, at Kettlebells Australia, provide the best-in-class Kettlebells that will give you rock-hard and forceful workouts for several years to come!