The Kettlebell Swing - The King!

Date Posted:1 July 2013 

Why the kettlebell swing?

The kettlebell swing is a great way to burn fat without sacrificing hard-earned muscle mass – which is what can happen with just regular cardio training. It is an easy way to incorporate strength and athletic movement and training into a routine that is safe, while burning stacks of calories.

The kettlebell swing works the muscles in the hips, hamstrings, lats shoulders, abs, glutes as well as grip strength.

Will the kettlebell swing change my body?

Yes it will!  And in numerous ways. The kettlebell swing involves so many muscles simultaneously, it works on the smaller muscles that get missed with isolation exercises – this helps with muscles depth and density.  It is an insanely powerful and dynamic exercise, developing upper and lower body functional power and strength.

The kettlebell swing burns more calories in a shorter period of time than any other method of cardio exercise.  It builds muscle and burns fat.